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What does 35pt mean with trading cards and what card holder is best?

What is the Standard Size of a Trading Card?

When it comes to trading cards, size does matter! The standard dimensions of a trading card typically measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.35 cm x 8.89 cm). This compact form factor has become the industry norm for various types of collectible cards, including sports trading cards, Pokémon cards, MTG cards and all non-sports themed sets.

This standardized size remains prevalent across different genres and brands due to its convenience and compatibility with protective sleeves and display cases. It allows collectors to easily organize their collections while also being suitable for showcasing artwork or player statistics on the front face of the card.

So whether you're flipping through a deck of baseball legends or marveling at fantastical creatures from another dimension, rest assured that your favorite trading cards will likely adhere to this sizing format!

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What is the Meaning of 35pt with Trading Cards?

Trading cards are a nostalgic and cherished hobby for many collectors. But what does 35pt mean when it comes to these treasured items? Let's dive into the meaning behind this term.

When we talk about 35pt with trading cards, we are referring to the thickness of the card itself. The "pt" stands for points, which is a unit used to measure the thickness of paper or cardstock. In this case, 35pt indicates that the trading card is 35 points thick.

Measuring the thickness of a card involves using specialized tools such as micrometers or calipers. These instruments allow collectors and manufacturers to determine the precise point measurement of each trading card.

So next time you come across the term "35pt" while browsing through your favorite trading cards, now you know that it refers to their thickness! Most standard paper base cards will be 35pt thickness. It's just one small detail among many that make each card unique and special in its own way.

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How is the thickness of a card measured?

When it comes to trading cards, thickness is an important factor to consider. It affects the durability and overall quality of the card. But how exactly is the thickness of a card measured?

The thickness of a card is typically measured in points (pt). This measurement refers to one thousandth of an inch. So when you see 35pt on a trading card, it means that the card is 0.035 inches thick.

But how do manufacturers determine the thickness? One common method involves using calipers, which are precision instruments used to measure small distances between two surfaces. These calipers are carefully pressed against both sides of the card, and the measurement displayed on the instrument indicates its thickness in points.

It's worth noting that different types of cards may have varying levels of thickness. For example, sports trading cards often have a standard thickness range from around 20pt to 35pt or even higher for special editions or memorabilia cards.

Understanding how trading card thickness is measured can help collectors make informed decisions about their purchases and ensure they know what they're getting when adding new cards to their collection.

So next time you come across a trading card labeled with its point value, you'll have a better understanding of what that number represents and how it impacts the overall quality and durability of the card.


Understanding the different aspects of trading cards can greatly enhance your collecting experience. One important element to consider is the thickness of a card, often expressed in points or pt. When you come across the term "35pt" with trading cards, it refers to the thickness of that particular card.

The standard size for most trading cards is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, but what sets them apart is their thickness. A 35pt card indicates that it measures approximately 35/1000th of an inch thick.

To determine the thickness of a card accurately, manufacturers use calipers or micrometers to measure its dimensions precisely. This measurement plays a crucial role when it comes to protecting and storing your cherished collection.

Having this knowledge empowers you as a collector because you can make informed decisions about how to best preserve and display your trading cards based on their thickness.

So whether you're an avid collector looking for protective sleeves or someone who's just starting out in the world of trading cards, understanding what 35pt means will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Remember, maintaining proper care for your collection ensures its longevity and value over time. So go ahead and proudly display those beautiful pieces while keeping them safe from any potential damage!

Happy collecting!

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